Mark is a multi-lingual sales & sourcing specialist, who has been living and working in Mexico for over 20 years. He moved to Mexico in 1999 to start a PVC play ball factory for the LATAM toy market. In 2004 he accepted a new challenge in Suzhou, China, as Interim Project Manager at KeyTec, a former Philips Electronics division. He however already had lost his heart to Latin-America and soon decided to move back to Mexico to work in the food and dairy industry.

In 2017 he founded Mextend, an international consultancy firm focused on foreign clients looking to expand their sales territory to Mexico. Apart from market research, match-making and commercial representation, he also provides full landing services for companies wanting to open a commercial branch or factory in Mexico. Mextend is also active in providing nearshoring services, mainly for US and Canadian customers looking to transfer production from Asia to Mexico and Central-America.

Mark is part of the Access Latin America team, which allows us to offer you the most suitable services for market entrance.

Mark Holthuizen

Director México

What others say​

“I had the pleasure to work with Mark in Guadalajara for a couple of years. Mark is an enthusiastic and steady person, reliable and straightforward. His good sense of humor helps him to relativize on the right moment. He easily creates cultural bridges using his local knowledge, combined with a European business sense. Mark is result driven and able to act with decision in any foreign business environment.”
Mark Schryvers, Philips Electronics

“Finding business partners in Mexico was a challenge for us. We had many qualified leads, but we never really got any further in our efforts to follow up. Cultural differences and the language barrier made direct contact with Mexican clients difficult. Mark and his team enabled us to overcome these challenges. He is extremely knowledgeable about the Mexican market, offers boots and eyes on the ground services and provides fast, transparent, and no-nonsense communication.”
Edward Juline, Sasco Chemical Group, LLC

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Pauline Swart
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