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A multidisciplinary team with diverse backgrounds and complementary skills.

Since 2006 we have assisted over 300 foreign companies establishing successful business ventures in Latin America. We can truly say we have a deep understanding of local business culture and conducts. Over the years, we have learned how challenging it can be to start and maintain a successful business. We are ready to share all that knowledge with you!

Our trademark is personal attention and we take pride on our efficiency and creativity when serving our clients. Together we discuss your needs in detail. This way we can deliver results and give you our full commitment.

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We work with clients on various aspects of planning, strategy, and problem-solving, with an in-depth understanding of local customs.

Pauline Swart - Country Director Argentina
Pauline Swart
Country Director, Argentina

Our expertise

Business missions & trips
Today a growing number of companies want to diversify their operations through export opportunities. We help organize specific trade missions to enable companies to make a faster entry into a new market. The benefits for our clients are that they save time and can focus on their business. The service includes company search, selection, and finally arrangement of business visits to potential (export) partners.

Due to local circumstances as strange language, absence of local colleagues and unknown distances within the capital cities our clients are very pleased to find their agenda prepared upon their arrival at their hotel. During their stay they are accompanied by one of our consultants, who make sure you obtain the maximum benefit out of every meeting.

Trade fairs and exhibitions
Our network can assist you in event planning by finding you the right location, define the content and maximize your efforts. There are many well-visited and reputable fairs and exhibitions in every country. We can help you select the proper activities, take care of your inscription procedures, your hotel reservation, print promotional material locally and cover any other requisites to make sure you can focus on the event itself. And of course we accompany you and help you expand your network.

Market studies
To enter Latin America it is essential to start with a market scan, which offers key answers about aspects like competition, pricing, local restrictions, patents etc. This allows you to evaluate which country or market is most suitable to start doing business with. We have extensive experience in getting the right information to make sure you can make the best decisions.

Company registration
When opening an office abroad an enormous amount of paperwork is involved before really being able to get started, even more so when a partnership with a local party will have to be outlined in detail. It can be quite complex and time consuming to find out where and how to register the company. Moreover, it is important to be informed on the nature of local law for each specific sector where you will be operating in. Together with our strategic alliances we help you to get information and answers. Did you know for instance about the many tax and import advantages that the tax-free zones offer in Uruguay for transit shipments to other countries in South-America?

Legal Representation
In most countries a local partner is a requirement for your company structure. Our team members are partners in several companies, for which we function as legal representatives. In a typical legal representation case we provide a local address and we function as a local reference person in case of any juridical issue to be solved. In many cases, we also handle certain bank issues and represent the company in front of entities like the Tax Services, Municipalities, Central Government, Customs and other institutions.

Local subsidiary admin
In general its best to assign a local citizen with sales-experience in the area who has the commercial responsibility of your company. All other managerial tasks of the company can be executed and coordinated by Access Latin America. We take on this responsibility by acting as the company’s  ‘independent manager’ and by performing all administrative, organizational and financial tasks. Within our local team we have registered accountants and lawyers to be able to fully comply with all legal requirements for your company in Latin America.

Investment Services
Throughout the years we have assisted a large number of clients by entering Latin America through an acquisition of, or a Merger with, a local company. As an independent adviser on Mergers & Acquisitions, we can assist you with services like Sell-side or Buy-side Advisory, FundRaising and Strategic Advisory. Please feel free to contact us for further details.

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