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Peru is the third largest country in South America, behind Brazil and Argentina, and best known for being the food capital of the World and home to Machu Picchu. It´s 1.2 million square kilometers, and is composed of coastal regions, highlands and jungle.

As in most South American countries, Peru is very centralized in its capital Lima, with 13M inhabitants out of the 33M country wide. Thanks to its different regions, Peru has a large-scale agriculture sector with a different variety of fruits, quinoa (more than 40% of the worldwide production are from Peru) as well as coffee. In addition, the country boosts the second biggest copper production worldwide, and is amongst the most important mining regions of Lithium as well as Gold.

The Peruvian economy has had the biggest GDP growth of the last 10 years of all countries within South America and although it was hit very hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, the new government announced several large-scale investment projects, mainly in the health-, education- and agricultural sector.

Much like in most other Latin American countries, a successful business model is based on personal relationships, especially because some sectors depend on more than 80% of public investment.

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Pauline Swart - Country Director Argentina
Pauline Swart
Country Director, Argentina