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Chile is a long, thin country at the tip of Latin America that is widely considered one of the best countries in the region to do business. Across several indicators in the World Bank’s Doing Business Report, Chile beats out the regional competition. It is undoubtedly one of the most influential economies in the region. Chile’s population reaches almost 20 million people, but the country is rather centralized and the capital city of, Santiago, is home to 8 million people.

Since 2010, innovation has been an official priority of the Chilean government. Start-Up Chile was one of Latin America’s first accelerator programs. It is a government-funded accelerator program that incentivizes entrepreneurs to use Chile as a launching pad for their startups. To incentivize innovation, Chile continuously works to decrease the bureaucratic friction for immigrants who want to start businesses in Chile.
Key Industries in Chile with numerous opportunities for foreign companies are the:
. Food Industry
. Services Industry
. Mining Industry
. Renewable Energy
. Circular Economy
. Healthcare Industry
. Technology Industry

Much like in other Latin American countries, doing business in Chile can be slower and more conservative than in Europe or the USA. Finding your way around is frequently about who you know.

Maarten Kraaijenhagen

Country Director Chile

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