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Ecuador has good prospects in most areas of economic activities. Ecuador has diverse climate conditions and rich varied soils, making it a big exporter in agricultural products. Did you know that Ecuador is the biggest producer and exporter of bananas in the world? Other much exported tropical fruits are mangoes, pineapples and avocados. On the coast you will find an important fishing industry, centered around the city of Manta in northern Ecuador, specialized in shrimp and tuna. In the Andes cacao, coffee and cut flowers, especially roses, are the most cultivated products. Ecuadorian cacao is considered one of the highest quality cacao in the world.

Its cultural and natural biodiversity make investments in the tourism industry particularly interesting.

A few potential industries are: Agriculture (Banana, Shrimp, Cocoa, Coffee, Flowers & Broccoli), Tourism, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energies.

Peke van Beek

Country Director Ecuador

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Pauline Swart - Country Director Argentina
Pauline Swart
Country Director, Argentina