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Sander Steverink - Country Director Brazil

Sander has been living and working in Brazil since 1992. The first three years he worked at KPMG, the Dutch Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and for the Dutch Ministry of Agricultural Affairs in Sao Paulo. In 1995 he founded BrazilBizz, an international consultancy firm focusing on providing services to foreign companies wanting to start in Brazil. Main activities are: partner-searches, match making projects, founding Brazilian subsidiaries, market research and supporting Brazilian projects. Since 2013 BrazilBizz has been ALA´s strategic partner for Brazil.
Sander has a Master Degree in Business Administration from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, with specialization in Change Management, a Master Degree in Organizational Behaviour and Organisational Analysis from the Lancaster University in the UK and a bachelor degree in Marketing at the Heao in Eindhoven.

Sander is an expert in managing the typical ´area of tension´ which unfolds when Brazillians and foreigners meet in joint ventures and Brazilian business ventures. The success of new business proposals in Brazil is highly depending on how these relations are managed.

Sander Steverink

Country Director Brazil and Partner BizzBrazil

What others say

“Since 2018 Sander has been involved in the set up of our local subsidiary in the city of Vinhedo Brazil. He coordinated all legal, financial and organizational issues to found the company. Nowadays the subsidiary is up and running and he continues to execute HR, financial and legal related activities. With a strong emphasis on compliance and liaison, he proves to be an important team player for our organization”.
Van Aarsen Americas Equipamentos Ltda

“Sander has helped us accessing the Brazilian market by connecting us to our local partner.
He also manages our office in Brazil, supports our dredging operations and takes care of financial and legal issues. His strong communication skills, dedication, local knowledge and network have contributed to the build up of a successful portfolio of projects in brazil since 2013”.
Baggerbedrijf de Boer BV (Dutch Dredging)

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